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Hello and welcome to our book's blog. How David Met Sarah is the story of a young man with Down Syndrome who falls in love with a young woman with autism. What makes How David Met Sarah different from any of my previous work is that I wrote the book for my youngest brother. He is 36 and has Down Syndrome.
I wrote How David Met Sarah with two goals in mind: to give my brother a story he could read and enjoy on his own, as well as one that had a hero with which he could identify. Like the main character in the story, my brother lives at home with his parents, works in a mail room and has even been in love.
I didn't intend to publish the story at first. My brother loved the initial chapters, and that was enough to encourage me to complete it. But one day I needed a sample manuscript to use at a writing workshop. The only work in progress I had to share was this one. I used the opening chapters in the workshop, and the response was so positive, I was encouraged to share the story with everyone.
How David Met Sarah is a story that is not only accessible to those with developmental disabilities, but also offers insight into what it's like to live with such a disability. My brother and I hope everyone enjoys it. Thanks for stopping by....Annie Kelleher (and David Kelly)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What How David Met Sarah means to families...

Judi Johnson Ferrara is the mother of two wonderful sons, one of whom is developmentally disabled.  Judi has been a tireless advocate for her son since he was young.  Most recently, Judi worked to ensure the passage of a bill in Pennsylvania that makes it more difficult for people who have a history of abuse to continue to prey on this vulnerable population. 

"As a parent of a special needs child I am always in search of ways to help others understand the world in which we live.  Toys and books that most parents take for granted are not always available to us.  When an author like Anne Kelleher takes on the subject in her book “How David met Sarah” it opens up a literary world virtually unknown to families like mine.  Books that delve into the subject of relationships are even more rare.  Books that can be read and enjoyed are true gifts.

Being able to read with your children is a wonderful way to show them another world out there.  A real world full of real people and some of them have special needs but they have the same needs as we all do.  They want to be loved and accepted in community.  With knowledge comes understanding.  As a parent I have had 27 years of sharing what my son Michael is like to those who meet his daily needs.  Having books available that show feelings and portray real life experiences of our children are great resources for all readers."
                                                                                           - Judi Johnson Ferrara, Wallingford, PA

Thank you, Judi!

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