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Hello and welcome to our book's blog. How David Met Sarah is the story of a young man with Down Syndrome who falls in love with a young woman with autism. What makes How David Met Sarah different from any of my previous work is that I wrote the book for my youngest brother. He is 36 and has Down Syndrome.
I wrote How David Met Sarah with two goals in mind: to give my brother a story he could read and enjoy on his own, as well as one that had a hero with which he could identify. Like the main character in the story, my brother lives at home with his parents, works in a mail room and has even been in love.
I didn't intend to publish the story at first. My brother loved the initial chapters, and that was enough to encourage me to complete it. But one day I needed a sample manuscript to use at a writing workshop. The only work in progress I had to share was this one. I used the opening chapters in the workshop, and the response was so positive, I was encouraged to share the story with everyone.
How David Met Sarah is a story that is not only accessible to those with developmental disabilities, but also offers insight into what it's like to live with such a disability. My brother and I hope everyone enjoys it. Thanks for stopping by....Annie Kelleher (and David Kelly)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why "How David Met Sarah"

"We read to know we are not alone."
                                    Anthony Hopkins as C.S.Lewis in Shadowlands

If you haven't seen the film "Shadowlands," and you love books, I recommend you download, borrow or buy a copy.  It's about the relationship between the English author of the Narnia books and the American woman he marries and falls in love with, Joy Gresham. The line above is one of the single best explanations for the pleasure of reading I've ever heard. 

It's also why I wanted to write How David Met Sarah

At 36, my brother is not a child.  Although he has a disability, he wants many of the same things most adults I know want.  He wants a job he enjoys, and a special someone to love.  He likes to do things that are decidedly not childish - golf, international travel and opera are some of David's favorite past-times.  He's an active member of his church and serves in serveral capacities quite faithfully, including usher.

So active, in fact, in the community is my brother that it's difficult to go anywhere with him in the town he lives without running into someone who knows David.   He has challenges and limitations but who doesn't?   The more time I spend with him, the more I see how much we have in common.  We are more similar than different. 

I decided to write How David Met Sarah to give my brother an experience that I think most average readers take for granted - that sense of not being alone.  I wanted my brother to have what I have always had from the time I remember reading the Honey Bunch and Norman series in first grade... stories in which I could, in my imagination, stand in for one of the characters.  Reading has always been one of my greatest pleasures and I began to write because I wanted to do what all my favorite authors did.  Books continue to be my companions and my friends, providing hours of pleasure. 

With How David Met Sarah and its sequels, I hope to give some of that back.  
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Another guest blogger...

"When I first read "How David Met Sarah" I was expecting it to be a special book; after all it was written for a special audience by a very special author (who in the interests of full disclosure I must admit to having known online for sometime.)  What I did not expect was how the characters and the story immediately engaged me. I was enchanted by David, whose life the reader immediately becomes a part of, and eager to accompany him through not only his daily routine, but on his adventure to meet the charming Miss Sarah.  I could not put it down till I had finished the story.
"Annie Kelleher has created a wonderful world, filled with 'real' people...the kind you would recognize if you met them on the street...and a heart-warming, and thoroughly enjoyable read.  Never once did I think, or care, that this story is written at a level for developmentally challenged readers, it shows her masterful hand in remaining engaging at any level. 
"I have a large and diverse family, including a son who is challenged by dyslexia.  And we have been blessed to foster children with many developmental delays, and to be friends with adults, like David, who are living full lives and meeting their own challenges.  I cannot begin to stress the importance of books like "How David Met Sara", not only in touching the lives of those 'adult' readers who have had so little age appropriate material at their reading level, but for all the rest of us who can, through this wonderful story, catch a glimpse of their lives...and make a new friend we might otherwise have never been privileged to know." 
Pamela C Reese
Thanks so much, Pam!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Three hundred "Likes?"

Small things mean a honor of Valentine's Day, will you share the love and help us get to 300 (or maybe even more?) likes" on our Facebook page? 

Thanks so much! 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Where to find me next...

Please consider joining me every first Sunday of the month from 2-4:30 PM at The Phoenix Rising Center in Thomaston, CT, where I will be facilitating an Artists' Way Study Group.  Our first meeting will be February 5th, but you don't need to attend the first meeting to join us.  Bring your book and something to write in.  Find more details here

Also, I'll be signing books and reading from both books at The Artists' Path Gallery on February 11, 2012 from 2-4 PM.  Please come for a chance to enter a raffle for a Share-the-Love basket of herbal treats and teas from my friends Rosemari Roast of Walk In the Woods,LLC and Kim Elovirta, whose amazingly all-natural face and body products can be found at The Holistic Garden in Unionville, CT. 

And... if you can't make it on Saturday, February 11th, please consider coming to the Holistic Garden on Sunday, February 19th, for another booksigning and reading, as well as a chance to win a Spring Sow-the-Love basket of herbal treats! 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Come for a sneak peek!

I'll be reading from When David was Surprised at the MidWinter Open Mike Night at Passiflora Tea Shop in New Hartford CT.  I hope you will consider joining me.   Passiflora features an all-organic, local as much as possible menu full of delicious soups, sandwiches, salads and other treats not to mention herbal teas, chais and lassis. 

Other writers will also share their work - feel free to bring yours or just come and listen...

Hope to see you there :).

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What How David Met Sarah means to families...

Judi Johnson Ferrara is the mother of two wonderful sons, one of whom is developmentally disabled.  Judi has been a tireless advocate for her son since he was young.  Most recently, Judi worked to ensure the passage of a bill in Pennsylvania that makes it more difficult for people who have a history of abuse to continue to prey on this vulnerable population. 

"As a parent of a special needs child I am always in search of ways to help others understand the world in which we live.  Toys and books that most parents take for granted are not always available to us.  When an author like Anne Kelleher takes on the subject in her book “How David met Sarah” it opens up a literary world virtually unknown to families like mine.  Books that delve into the subject of relationships are even more rare.  Books that can be read and enjoyed are true gifts.

Being able to read with your children is a wonderful way to show them another world out there.  A real world full of real people and some of them have special needs but they have the same needs as we all do.  They want to be loved and accepted in community.  With knowledge comes understanding.  As a parent I have had 27 years of sharing what my son Michael is like to those who meet his daily needs.  Having books available that show feelings and portray real life experiences of our children are great resources for all readers."
                                                                                           - Judi Johnson Ferrara, Wallingford, PA

Thank you, Judi!

Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm so thrilled to share...

The final draft of When David was Surprised... the second book in the now in the loving hands of its editor.  While I'm anxiously awaiting her input, I'm also very eager to see what the new cover will look like.  Of course I will post it here as soon as I can. 

So what's next?  Many exciting things are happening, not to mention I'm already mapping out the plot of the THIRD book in the series, What David Found.  There will be a sneak peek of the first chapter at the end of the second book. 

I've already heard from many readers asking for bookplates - signed ones are available by emailing   I've also received some names of librarians in various places throughout the country.  Readers are telling me that libraries are thrilled to have the donation - their budgets are tight, too.  So keep those names and addresses coming....we want to share How David Met Sarah with as many people as we can. 

Thanks to everyone who  has already written to me... your books and bookplates are on their way! 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I did it...

The first draft of When David Was Surprised is fully outlined....the end of the middle flows into the beginning of the end at last.  Another few days and I'll be sending the manuscript off for its first editing...thanks for all your support!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Will you help us? Here's how...

Have you read and enjoyed How David Met Sarah?  Would you like a free copy of the next book in the series, When David was Surprised?  Please consider helping spread the word.

Here are a few things you can do:

1.  Help us social network.  Follow me on Twitter (@anniekelleher) and reTweet my tweets.  "Like" the book's page on Facebook, and invite your friends to "like" it, too.  Share the page's content - I'll be updating it soon, I promise! "Follow" this blog and comment... comments are wonderfully appreciated!  The top reTweeter, Facebook Friend (in terms of sharing and referring friends) and Blog Follower (in terms of commenting and sharing) will win a copy of the new book. 

2. We are happy to donate copies of How David Met Sarah to libraries.  Just email me ( the name of your local librarian in charge of acquisitions, and the address of the library.   I'm also available to speak and sign at local libraries as well.  Help me make the contact; your community wins and so do you. 

3. Go to your local Barnes & Noble bookstore and ask for it.  Copies can be ordered, and if enough people ask for the books, the stores will start to stock them.  Email me the name and information of the store manager or the person who arranges signings and win the next book. 

4. Tell your friends.  Signed bookplates are available...the person who requests the most bookplates for friends who bought copies will receive the new book, too. 

People who've read the story tell me how much they love it... thank you so much from the bottom of my chest (as my brother would say) if you can help us reach others who might enjoy it, too.   When David was Surprised will be available in both eformat and hard copy on my birthday, March 31. 
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Off to a good start

I had a chance to spend the day with my brother and most of the rest of my family today.  We all met at my sister's and there were so many of us that the children younger than 18 had their own table. 

David loved his gift - a framed poster from our book launch last month.  I decided not to share the chapters yet...the new story is still evolving and changing and growing.  Maybe this time, I'll make him wait...