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Hello and welcome to our book's blog. How David Met Sarah is the story of a young man with Down Syndrome who falls in love with a young woman with autism. What makes How David Met Sarah different from any of my previous work is that I wrote the book for my youngest brother. He is 36 and has Down Syndrome.
I wrote How David Met Sarah with two goals in mind: to give my brother a story he could read and enjoy on his own, as well as one that had a hero with which he could identify. Like the main character in the story, my brother lives at home with his parents, works in a mail room and has even been in love.
I didn't intend to publish the story at first. My brother loved the initial chapters, and that was enough to encourage me to complete it. But one day I needed a sample manuscript to use at a writing workshop. The only work in progress I had to share was this one. I used the opening chapters in the workshop, and the response was so positive, I was encouraged to share the story with everyone.
How David Met Sarah is a story that is not only accessible to those with developmental disabilities, but also offers insight into what it's like to live with such a disability. My brother and I hope everyone enjoys it. Thanks for stopping by....Annie Kelleher (and David Kelly)

Friday, March 9, 2012

One more time

When it comes to writing, I'm a perfectionist.  In high school, I learned that Flaubert, the author of Madame Bovary, sometimes spent entire afternoons contemplating the correct placement of a comma.
Unfortunately, I can relate.
People who know me know I am as happy-go-lucky in most other areas of my life as it's possible (and probably safe) to be.
But not when it comes to writing.
When it comes to writing, I can re-write forever.
So this weekend I'm putting one more gloss on When David was order to tweak a couple last things at the suggestion of my editor, and just in case I missed a few commas!

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