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Hello and welcome to our book's blog. How David Met Sarah is the story of a young man with Down Syndrome who falls in love with a young woman with autism. What makes How David Met Sarah different from any of my previous work is that I wrote the book for my youngest brother. He is 36 and has Down Syndrome.
I wrote How David Met Sarah with two goals in mind: to give my brother a story he could read and enjoy on his own, as well as one that had a hero with which he could identify. Like the main character in the story, my brother lives at home with his parents, works in a mail room and has even been in love.
I didn't intend to publish the story at first. My brother loved the initial chapters, and that was enough to encourage me to complete it. But one day I needed a sample manuscript to use at a writing workshop. The only work in progress I had to share was this one. I used the opening chapters in the workshop, and the response was so positive, I was encouraged to share the story with everyone.
How David Met Sarah is a story that is not only accessible to those with developmental disabilities, but also offers insight into what it's like to live with such a disability. My brother and I hope everyone enjoys it. Thanks for stopping by....Annie Kelleher (and David Kelly)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Misplaced baby

The UPS truck pulled up late for our neck of a woods last Friday evening, setting off the dogs and interrupting double Jeopardy.  I was tired and not feeling in any mood to go downstairs to see what had been delivered. 

In fact, I walked the dogs without even noticing where the driver might've left the parcel.

That night, I had a long vivid dream about a baby that I had lost somewhere in the house.  You better go see where that baby is, I kept hearing myself say. 

The next morning, I woke up, wondering what on earth the baby dream could mean but didn't think too much of it.  I was bringing the dogs back from their first morning run, when I happened to notice the flat brown package lying forlorn on top of the low stone planter.   Another comic book, I assumed, and almost didn't pick it up. 

But I did and nearly dropped it when I saw my name on the label and the return address.  I opened the package and inside was the first proof of the print edition for How David Met Sarah. 

I'd found my misplaced baby. 

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